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Special Programs & Initiatives

Veterans to Trade

Veterans to Trade (V2T) is a National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America Educational Institute (NEI) project.

The project is a pathway for service members who hold job specialties in traffic management to achieve credentialing and certification in customs and export specialties. The goal is to allow troops to attain credentialing and certification while on or following active duty that they can retain as they transitioning into civilian industry.

The NEI is seeking interested military personnel who are looking for a meaningful career once they transition to civilian life. Through participation in, and completion of our programs, we offer qualified veterans a chance to be matched with companies who are looking for their skills and experience. 

How Can I Get Involved? 

Visit the NEI website and read about our programs to see if they would be a match for your interests and experience. Veterans and active military are eligible for special pricing; contact for more information.

Submit an application to get started on the path to your new career! Once you successfully complete a course and become certified, you will be entered into a candidate database that will be searchable by top trade companies across the country!


Anthony Adams

Adams spent 4 years in the Navy, where he worked in IT.  He joined Future Forwarding Company in September 2015 as a warehouse associate, where he worked until he was promoted to his current position of Import Agent after earning his Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) certification. Adams was one of several applicants considered for the position and due to the knowledge obtained through the CCS course he was selected as the best candidate.

While Adams admits the course was a bit challenging for him at first, he also said it was very interesting, and even rather fun. When asked about the impact the course has had on his career, he cites the stark difference between a military and civilian resume - "They are day and night," he says. "Having this certification makes you more attractive to civilian employers."

Information for Companies

Understand that these young men and women have served in the military in the capacity of traffic management specialists and bring a sense of commitment, strong values, and excellent work ethic to the work force. Sign up and agree to view the candidate database and offer to interview as many candidates from this program as practical. If not selected for hiring, provide feedback to the candidates on how they may improve their chances of being hired.