NCBFAA 1897-1997 : 庆祝成长,展望未来100年


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Foreign trade in America one hundred years ago was very different from what it is today The city of 纽约 was the queen of commerce and the port of 纽约 her king. 根据准将科尼利厄斯·范德比尔特的记录, around eighty percent of all commercial shipments came through the port of 纽约. 在这个王国, there lived about half-dozen brokers and their "customs" families all lined up in the town of Champlain, 纽约. 他们住的那条街被称为“海关街”." They were family businesses that valued hard work and service for every dollar they earned.

Customs clearance during that time was an all day affair involving physical counting, 检查, 记录, 复制(用钢笔和羽毛笔), 并贴上邮票和印章. 服务, 完整性 信任成为这个行业发展和繁荣的基础. 随着经济的增长和繁荣,需要组织和发出集体的声音.

那天是3月22日, 1897, 纽约港海关职员协会成立. 美国的海关经纪人和办事员.S. 纽约港海关总署也有资格成为会员. 该协会被注册为非营利组织. For the first time, Customs brokers shared more than physical space: They shared ideas.

American industry was growing, but an isolationist philosophy kept foreign trade at bay. 对许多经纪人来说,增长是 缓慢的, 但稳定. 公司的控制权传给了妻子, 儿子 和女儿. 合作关系出现,业务继续进行 纽约是这一切的中心.

3月9日, 1922, the 纽约 报关行s Association was organized to succeed the previous organization. Again, only licensed Customs brokers of the Port of 纽约 were eligible for membership. 十年后,1933年2月23日,这个组织成立了.

大萧条的后果给许多海关掮客带来了困难. 这部分是由于斯穆特-霍利关税法, 美国历史上最高的关税是什么. 贸易几乎停滞不前, and some historians believe that this tariff contributed significantly to the Depression. 这个行业的价格竞争很激烈.

1934年,F.D.R. 以及科德尔·赫尔(Cordell Hull)讨论了高关税问题. Bilateral negotiations reduced the tariff rates, which were then applied to all friendly countries. This started a series of tariff reductions that helped fuel the growth of the industry. 经纪人认识到,政府需要更好地了解行业问题, and the Association became a valuable asset to the industry 与 profitability as the result. 政府 learned a lesson, too, as all took note of the importance of trade to the overall economy.

二战期间, the Port of 纽约 closed: New Orleans took over and became the foremost port in the country. 纽约的大部分货运代理都搬到了新奥尔良, 一些移动, 阿拉巴马州, 还有一些去了坦帕, 佛罗里达. 签名、盖章和官方审查仍然是商业规范. 战后,这一转变导致该组织的成员发生了变化. 纽约海关经纪人协会的章程., were amended on July 19, 1945; to include all licensed Customs brokers in the United States. 纽约律所的会员限制永远消失了.

The 1940’s witnessed the emergence of the 货运代理 as a prominent partner in the industry. Transporting products to their ultimate destination became as important as getting those products cleared through Customs. 1948年1月2日,美国海关经纪人和货代协会., (CBFAA) was incorporated to succeed the previous 纽约 报关行s Association. Changes in the bylaws made forwarders eligible as regular members on a national basis, 作为国际上的准会员.

在20世纪50年代,认识到变革必要性的成员为协会做好了准备. 这些变化中最重要的是国家愿景和国家名称的改变. 参与这个过程的一些人是Martin A. 马蒂·肯纳(Heemsoth-Kerner Corp .的祖父.美国总统马丁。E. 肯纳,小.)、沃尔特•J. 美世,弗兰克. 霍特和巴尔的摩港的史蒂夫·马森. Association Director Sam Shapiro brought the presidents of the local associations to the CBFAA, 让他们的声音更强更响亮.

1962年6月6日,协会更名为全国报关行 & 美国货代协会. (NCBFAA),以更好地反映一个新的和更广泛的范围. 调整后的会费为本国工作人员提供经费. Border areas and region designations 与 appropriate representation found new members to shoulder the industry’s increasing business concerns. 会员 was open to international air cargo agents in the United States (CNS/IATA) and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs). 扩展了准会员和附属会员.

伦纳德肖恩, 从1969年到1974年担任协会主席, 有一个开放的政策,欢迎和接受新的人和想法. 在解决了一个不断发展的组织的内部斗争之后, Shayne used the Association’s larger and stronger base to tackle national industry issues. Containerization, insurance, bonding, and the usual dose of politics were faced head on. NCBFAA现在已经准备好向他们的重要合作伙伴美国航空公司示好.S. 海关总署. 不仅需要更多的合作 海关、 but also 与 the various governmental agencies that interfaced daily 与 NCBFAA members. 在这个国际贸易的方方面面都在发生变化的风暴时期, 是伦纳德·谢恩带领更强大的NCBFAA度过了这场风暴. 

Three crucial changes implemented by Shayne strengthened the Association for the following decades: (1) elections of board members by geographic region, (2)形成一支严肃的游说力量, (3)年会的开始.

During this time, the Association made great strides towards becoming a democratic organization. 尽管它声称是全国性的, NCBFAA从未有过由成员选举产生的董事会或主席. 当NCBFAA的领导层在全国选举产生时,一切都改变了, 代表全国选民. 因此,比尔·St. 来自新奥尔良的约翰成为NCBFAA第一位非纽约人主席.

在这个经济衰退和滞胀的时期, cash flow issues were a major concern 与 many members carrying large receivables that were affecting day-to-day activity. 会员的目标是让客户及时为服务付费. 计算机化这一主要问题在这一时期取得了重大进展. Automation was making significant headway and Customs was just starting to initiate the computerization of its operations. 

The 1980s and 1990s witnessed important advancements in information technology and an international trade boom. 该协议和计划与美国.S. Customs to jointly move forward to develop ABI was an important program that significantly improved release times, 尤其是在海港. 

今天,在船只靠岸之前,大多数货物都是通过计算机进行清关的. 服务和价格都是竞争的动力. 国际贸易是美国的头等大事.S. 北美自由贸易协定是新机遇与新挑战并存的典型例子. The Forwarder Broker industry has and continues to experience a tremendous period of consolidation. 像“物流”“一站式”这样的词 航运," and "intermodalism" are the terms used to describe the business of today and tomorrow.

在这种环境下,NCBFAA每天都对会员的需求做出回应. In January 1989, the Association influenced the overturn of the 50-mile container rule. 后来,ncfaa帮助国会制定了海关使用费的可行方案. The Association lent its support to the adoption of the Customs Modernization Act of 1993, 允许更多的放手, auditory style of oversight instead of the weighty transaction-by-transaction approach. Other  Association achievements included the creation and implementation of the Certified Ocean Forwarder training program and its original Internet information service called FABnet (Forwarders and Brokers Network). The NCBFAA began its affiliation 与 the International Federation of 报关行s Associations, 谁的成员代表16个国家.

“在不久的将来仍有许多问题需要解决,时任M公司副总裁的保罗·韦格纳评论道.G. 马赫 & Co.公司.他也是协会的前任主席和主席. “只是其中一项 认股权证 prompt attention is the implementation of a standard classification and tracking system for all trucking and 航运 lines, 以及整个工业自动化,”韦格纳说. 其他问题包括转向更大的船只, 电子签名的合法性, 以及持续不断的争取足够赔偿的斗争.

"As new people bring new ideas to the industry the fruits of their labors will continue to be more and greater opportunities for economic success,”韦格纳说, 添加, 以及三张牌下载的客户, 其好处是有竞争力的价格,更多的选择和服务水平."

NCBFAA可以为它的过去感到自豪,因为它展望未来. NCBFAA的员工仍然是这个行业背后最好的力量. 他们戴着服务徽章, 完整性 和信任.

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